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analysis-plus.com -- The home of Monkeysoop sponsor, Analysis-Plus, Inc. We are amazed and awed by the power and clarity of their guitar and speaker cables within seconds of playing. The Pro Oval guitar cable received Guitar Player magazine's Editors' Pick Award in February 2004.

GuitarHeadsPickups.com -- Guitarist Jerry Connor uses the Hexbucker pickups in his guitars.

fastaxe.com -- Multi-purpose cleaning tool with rock-n-roll attitude.

coffincase.com -- Awesome cases for guitars and basses.

curtmangan.com -- 'Real strings real tone' is their slogan, and we agree.

star-access.com -- Monkeysoop gets their logo guitar picks exclusively at Star Access Entertainment.

furmansound.com -- Monkeysoop uses Furman products to protect their gear.

fluff.tv -- The home of Alan Burns, our super exchange student sock monkey, and many others.
Tate Music Group -- In 2012, Monkeysoop signed with Tate Music Group and its sixth CD, GRAY MATTER, in 2013.
Sonic Wave International -- Since 2004, Monkeysoop has released five CDs with Sonic Wave International, Inc., courtesy of Sonic Wave International founder, Anand Bhatt.

Comalia Studios - Joel Vasquez - Grammy-nominated recording engineer/multi-instrumentalist responsible for capturing the magic of EXPERIMETAL, EXPERIMETAL II, and many Monkeysoop songs being released on compilations produced by Versailles Records.

G.O. Recording Studio - Oscar Laun - recording engineer/multi-instrumentalist responsible for capturing the magic of NUNS' NIGHT OUT and MONKEYSOOP, and some recording, mixing, and mastering on COUNTERCLOCKWISE

radiozendo.com - Austin-based audio/video/networking powerhouse


facebook.com/monkeysoop -- Monkeysoop's home on Facebook.

youtube.com/monkeysoop -- Monkeysoop's home on Youtube.

reverbnation.com/monkeysoop -- Monkeysoop's home on Reverbnation.

myspace.com/monkeysoop -- Monkeysoop's home on Myspace.

twitter.com/monkeysoop -- Monkeysoop's home on Twitter.

facebook.com/hellgrimmcustomguitars -- Guitars built to your specifications.

terrybozzio.com -- Drummer Terry Bozzio, featured on "The Balance Factor" from EXPERIMETAL II.

angelo.com -- Guitarist Michael Angelo Batio, featured on "Power Exalted" from EXPERIMETAL II.

ericatures.com -- Bassist/drummer Erica Missey's caricature and artwork website.

www.ultimate-guitar.com -- find guitar and bass tabs to your favorite Monkeysoop songs.

thedrivetv.com -- Monkeysoop music is featured in the television series "The Drive TV", a reality show documenting the travels of four friends across the Americas.

www.rocknation.us -- The Magazine ROCK NATION online.

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